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Yoko Fukushima

Born in Gumma, Japan in 1976
she currently lives and works in Paris, France

In 1997, she dropped out of university and left to France seeking life’s answers in psychology and philosophy from Surrealism. 

In 2002, she graduated from Versailles Art School with honours.
From then she started using Western medicine due to health problems. 

Around in 2008 she started to get acquainted with alternative healing.
Through this experience, she began to get interested in the mechanism of energy flow including Eastern medicine and yoga.

In 2010, she became a mother. She also was invited in overseas artist residency programs with her baby.

In 2014, she moved to a workshop-apartment of the City of Paris and started investing into work via materials.

In 2015, facing the death of a friend, she seriously began to face the world of the invisible soul.

This has led her to the scientific realm and quantum mechanics as a means to reveal the invisible.

Her expressive medium is not limited to any genre.

福島 陽子

1976年 群馬県生まれ パリ在住 





2014年 パリ市のアトリエ住宅へ移転。素材を使った創作を本格的に始める

2015年 友人の死に直面し、見えない魂の世界と真剣に向き合い始める。 

[ Statement ]

While cycling on a gravel road leading to high school, A mysterious feeling like a flashback crossed my head.

Was “this voice” now chatting in my head about “my body” riding this bicycle?

I thought I was who I “feel, think, imagine,” And I used to regard these asabsolutely eternal.

But, I know the body is going to disappear.
Does dying mean disappearing?

Well then, where will the “me”, who is think this right now, be going?
Does it all suddenly disappear as if someone switched the TV off?

From the time when death first emerged into my consciousness, The colour of my world changed.

The path has just appeared.









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