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Yoko Fukushima

Born in Gumma, Japan in 1976
she currently lives and works in Paris, France

While cycling on a gravel road leading to high school,
A mysterious feeling like a flashback crossed my head.

Was “this voice” now chatting in my head about “my body” riding this bicycle?

I thought I was who I “feel, think, imagine,”
And I used to regard these asabsolutely eternal.

But, I know the body is going to disappear.
Does dying mean disappearing?

Well then, where will the “me”, who is think this right now, be going?
Does it all suddenly disappear as if someone switched the TV off?

From the time when death first emerged into my consciousness,
The colour of my world changed.

The path has just appeared.








Born in Gumma (Japan) in 1976. Live and work in Paris.

By a childhood surrounded of nature, she has learnt different communication from language.

In 1997, interested in different cultures with different values, she left to Paris to see the meaning of “reality” and “truth”, what is contained between the two languages. She contemplates a path from “my reality” to “universal law”, from objective vision repeating reaction patterns between two cultures by bringing out consciousness in everyday life.

She is inspired by a wide method of expression through her experience in various fields such as crafts, haute couture and dance. And she is interested in the mechanism of energy flow through Oriental medicine and alternative healing, leaded her to quantum mechanics as a key to the mechanisms of the invisible world, as a means of proving the invisible.

This journey of the idea with the concrete or non-material form is expressed without limit of medium.

She was selected in the five young French artists at the Salon de Montrouge in 2005. She participated in Artist residencies with her child from European programs after giving birth in 2010. And one of her video works was screened during the symposium ‘New Visions, Anthropology, Art and Experimental Film’ at Quai Branly Museum in Paris in 2012. Currently represented by the Alice Mogabgab Gallery in Lebanon, she was selected in 2017 as a finalist for the prestigious Asian Art Prize organized by Sovereign Art Foundation.

In the next step, she wishes that not only art, but also interactions with specialists in various fields would open towards to the new expression.

福島 陽子



1997年、“現実”と“真実”の意味、その2言語間に含まれるものを見るために価値観の異なる異文化に関心を寄せ渡仏。日常でのあらゆるものの観察、2文化間の反応パターンの反復による客観視、意識化により、“我の現実“から “普遍的法則“へ向かう観念の旅を構想する。

工芸, オートクチュールやダンスなど、様々な分野での経験を通して幅広い表現方法にインスピレーションを受ける。そして東洋医学や代替医療を通してエネルギーの仕組みに関心を持ち、見えない世界の仕組みを解く鍵、不可視のものを証明する手段としてとして量子力学へとたどり着く。



現在、レバノンのギャラリーAlice Mogabgab所属、2017年にはソブリンファンデーションのアジアンアートプライズのファイナリストの一人として選抜される。


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