“Composition no1”

Variable dimension, Sound installation, 2014
Poet : Aïcha Arnaout, Albane Gellé, GombéNanashi, Luisa Futoransky, Valérie Vivancos
Produced during a residency in the Ernest Pérochon School / Ruart Art Center
Recording : Rodolphe Alexis

Four cassette tapes with recordings of four different poems are placed in each recorder.
Using a system in which the electric current moves one by one, once a word of one poem is played back, it moves to the next word of the next poem.
A new poem mixed from the words of the four poems echoes in the space of the church.

And as we walk through the space with the five poems playing back at the same time, the poems appear and disappear reflecting the structure of the church.

It feels as if the colour of the air is changing depending on the place we are walking through.




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