Pilóta nélküli zenekar (Unmanned orchestra)/無人オーケストラ                               
Variable dimension, Interactive sound installation by nature activities, 2012

[ ELETFA (Tree of Life) ]

Variable dimension, Sound installation, 2012   
Sound collaboration with Rodolphe Alexis and monks of Pannonhalma Monastery
Photo : Arboterum of Monastery in Pannonhalma (Hungary)
Recording & Composition musical : Rodolphe Alexis

This work was created during the art residency in a monastery in Hungary.
Setting up a mobile with a bowl of birdseeds and various bells in the botanical garden,
I recorded the sounds made by nature.

These nature sounds were combined and composed with the sacred chants of the monks, and echoed inside the tree extending in the form of a dome called Elefta (meaning the Tree of Life).

The audience enters the tree dome and listens to the sound in a dim light.





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