Pilóta nélküli zenekar  (Unmanned orchestra)    無人オーケストラ                               
Variable dimension,Interactive sound installation by nature activities, 2012

ELETFA (Tree of Life)
Variable dimension, Sound installation, 2012   
Sound collaboration with Rodolphe Alexis and monks of Pannonhalma Monastery
Photo Arboterum of Monastery in Pannonhalma (Hungary)
Recording & Composition musical Rodolphe Alexis

This work was created during the art residency in a monastery in Hungary.
Setting up a mobile with a bowl of birdseeds and various bells in the botanical garden,
I recorded the sounds made by nature.

These nature sounds were combined and composed with the sacred chants of the monks, and echoed inside the tree extending in the form of a dome called Elefta (meaning the Tree of Life).

The audience enters the tree dome and listens to the sound in a dim light.





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